I believe in simple and clear communication.
I believe in bringing new ideas to life.
I believe in inspiration.

If you have an idea for a new website or want to make improvements to an existing site, let me help. I can handle the tech side of things so you can keep on creating great content!

About Me

I'm a graduate of The Flatiron School's immersive fullstack development bootcamp. Taking the skills I learned in this program along with my self-taught front-end experience, I know I can make your website what you want it to be. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and spend my time learning new tech skills along with exploring this great city.

Some of my other interests include voice-over work, guitar playing, assistant audio production, cooking, video gaming, and playing with any dogs I can get my hands on.

Technologies I've used to build projects


Song Sampler

Brooklyn Loft Party

Grumpy Productions


Read N Listen

What Should I Do Tonight?

Please also check out my CodePen profile for additional projects.